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Welcome to Legends of Asura, a Final Fantasy XI role-playing community. While the journal you see now has its roots in the game, it was created with the intention of bringing together anyone with an interest in role-playing in the FFXI realm of Vana'diel. Within the game, there are many linkshells, and out of those many linkshells, only a small number of them contain role-players. The God Hand linkshell on the Asura server was one of those role-playing linkshells, and it was with the intention of uniting other FFXI role-players that this journal was created.


For those new to role-playing in a journal format, after learning a few simple rules of etiquette, you will find it to be very simple and convenient.

Naturally, all members have the option of playing through AIM, outside of the journal. Having an AIM handle is required of all members. While it is highly encouraged that you role-play amongst one another, group sessions are often scheduled. It is in these sessions that the bulk of the main storyline is carried out. It is also encouraged that you post your session chat logs to the community journal so that other members can be aware of goings-on, and also to show that you are active.

Action Thread
Within the community, one has the option of starting an RP session by posting an "action thread" to the community journal. To start an action thread, simply post In Character from the third person point-of-view, and then designate other players within the community whom the thread is open to. If specific characters are designated to the thread, only they can respond. If the subject states "open to anyone" or "open to everyone," then of course, more than just one or two specific players can respond. Responses should always be In Character, from the third person point-of-view. An action thread is an easy and convenient way to play out a situation when not everyone can be available for a chat session. To see what an action thread looks like, go here (where the user vackashken is playing as satans_serpent. Note: please refrain from posting to that thread, as it is a seperate community from this ).

Character Journal
There is also the option of posting through one's personal journal, which is to be In Character and from the first person point-of-view. Never post anything Out Of Character on your character journal - use the community journal for that. Your character journal is to be considered your character's own personal diary, which other characters will not be able to read. It is of course very possible for your character to leave a note for or carry a correspondence with another character, or for your character to leave their diary out for another to read. One might also consider some journal entries to be letters delivered from a chocobo postman or moogle, and in all of these cases, other characters might be able to post comments to your entries. Character journals are best for personal insight one might not be able to delve into in a group session or action thread. Please note that it is required you create a character journal to join this community with.

Community Journal
The community journal (which you're reading from right now) has several purposes. One is general community updates made by moderators, such as notices of group chat sessions or new rules or storyline developments. Another purpose is to post action threads. A third is to post Out Of Character updates such as notices of inactivity, ideas, or short stories related to the community. Random OOC chatter that has nothing to do with the community, posting of silly quizzes, or similar things typical of a personal non-RPG Live Journal are absolutely not tolerated. Relevant fanart and fanfiction is acceptable, but please refrain from posting only those such things. This is a role-playing community, first and foremost.

In Game
For those that have and play FFXI and are a part of TheGodHand linkshell, you are of course encouraged to role-play there as well. Members of Legends of Asura do not necessarily have to join TheGodHand LS and role-play with them. This community was created to include those that either are not part of TheGodHand linkshell, do not have FFXI the game, or simply are from another linkshell or server - basically any creative spirit looking for a good game. And while Legends of Asura has a core storyline that it runs off of, members here do not necessarily have to be a part of it, so long as your own personal stories do not attempt to interfere with or alter the core storyline (which would be considered powergaming).


Follow the story of one mercenary army's quest for glory in a land plagued by evil. Read the chronicles of The God Hand and it's menagerie of dedicated warriors.
For a comprehensive timeline of events, reference this post.


  • Maturity is a must. We're not here to form cliques, make fun of people, or act like elitists. Do not spam other members to critique your posts. Do not arbitrarily criticize others. Do not bring your OOC problems in game by taking character actions personally. Nobody likes drama. No one wants to be on fandomwank.

  • Avoid being inactive. We require your signs of life at least once a week, be it in FFXI, through a character journal post, or in the community with a log or action thread. Of course, it's understandable if you will be away, or need to leave temporarily for other reasons. If you know you'll be inactive, try to make notice when possible, so other players that are involved in your sessions aren't left hanging.

  • Please, do not join this community with your personal journal. It is required you make a in-character rpg-only journal when you join the community.
  • Like stated above, inane, unrelated OOC chatter in the community or character journals is not allowed.

  • Please maintain a respectable level of grammar and punctuation throughout your participation here. And refrain from thesaurus-rape. It makes the Tarutaru happy.

  • Do not disrespect others by powergaming. It is absolutely not tolerated. There are of course room for mistakes if you're new to role-play or journal RPGs, but please remember your character's abilities and limits. Although we play extraordinary characters, they should be played with realism, and just because your character in game is a level 75 such-and-such, does not make him or her the ultimate being in this community. Your In Game stats do not necessarily translate directly over to this method of role-playing. A mithra shouldn't be able to cold-cock a galka ten feet across a barroom simply because you, the player, feel like it. That said, repeat powergaming offenders will be asked to leave and/or banned.

  • Hopefully, this should be common sense, but other Final Fantasy game characters are not allowed. The setting of this RPG is Vana'diel from the Final Fantasy XI gaming world. Yes, we know Sephiroth is hardcore, but this isn't Final Fantasy VII.

  • As stated above, while there is a central storyline that is run here, your character doesn't necessarily have to be a part of it. You're free to go about your character's business. However, any sort of major plot development that involves several characters or might interfere with the core story should be cleared with a moderator.

  • Lengthy posts or RP logs should be posted behind an LJ cut.

  • If you are part of The God Hand linkshell in game, be aware that unlike other linkshells, we do not treat it the LS sort of long-range, walkie-talkie communications device. The linkshell takes the form of a stage where the story is being played out. So please, refrain from any "click click r u there?" kind of RPing. Like our characters carrying electronic journals, having a magical pearl that you can speak into just seems hokey.

  • New members in the God Hand LS will be under a probation period to determine whether they are contributing and constructive members of the shell. Basically, if you're a wanker, you'll be asked to leave. This also reflects on RPers in the linkshell. It's not a matter of numbers, but a matter of quality.

  • And lastly, when applying, please put "Have you ever partied with a ninja before?" in the subject line, so we know you've read the rules.


The process is simple! All you have to do is email the moderators with the application below. If you so choose, you can create a character journal prior to submitting your application, and request to join the community by clicking the link up top. However, since you must be approved by a moderator before you're accepted as a community member, you may want to wait until after your application is accepted before creating a character journal (in the case you are denied and then suddenly have a useless journal on your hands).

Out Of Character:
CONTACTS: (Journal, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.)
RP PREFERENCE: (Are you interested in joining the main storyline or simply joining so you have somewhere to RP your FFXI character? Of course, you can also RP your own story and be part of the main. You don't need to give a definite answer here.)

In Character:
BASIC INFO: (Race, occupation, and any interesting history or traits you'd like to share or plan to give your character)
SAMPLE: (Let's see what you're made of! Your role-playing sample can be in first or third person, whatever you choose, so long as you show us your best!)


For a comprehensive list of current members and their contacts, reference this post.


Nobody here is claiming to own anything of Final Fantasy XI, Berserk, or anything else crazy like that. Don't sue us. We're just having fun.